Spring 2018 Workshops

FLOSSUK are hosting three full day workshops on Wednesday 25 April 2018, the day before the main conference opens.

Digital Forensics
Simon Biles

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During this workshop, I propose to take the attendees through a full “forensic examination” of a USB stick. From safely imaging it on a Linux system, through the examination of the stick, the file system and the files – looking at the assorted file system artefacts and meta-data along the way.  We will go all the way through to creating a report – all using open source software.

The workshop will be modelled around a real forensic workflow that is used on actual court cases. Attendees would be required to bring their own laptop.

USB devices will be provided, there will be a requirement to have certain programs / packages installed and working – a list of these will be provided before the day.

About Simon

Simon is an Information Security and Digital Forensics Specialist. He’s lectured at DeMontfort University on Digital Forensics – most notably on “Alternative Operating Systems” – which, let’s face it, is what most of the attendees of this conference will be using – ‘cos basically it means “Anything that isn’t Windows”… He’s cropped up at a couple of FLOSS Spring Schools previously, so really he should know better by now, rather than doing talks instead…

Introduction to Docker and Rancher
Tim Fletcher

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We are proud to host a full day workshop focused around Docker and Rancher. This event will cover a number of topics including:

  • What is docker?
  • What are dockerfiles
  • What is docker-compose
  • How to use overlay networks
  • Configure and manage docker repos

In addition to Docker we will also be looking at Rancher a complete container management platform. We will look at how to use Rancher with Docker

  • What is Rancher and how to I get started with it?
  • How do I deploy my services to Docker?

About Tim

Tim Fletcher is a recognisable member of the FLOSSUK community and serves on the FLOSSUK Council

Raspberry Pi Workshop (Free)
Gavin Atkinson & Tom Bloor

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As with Spring 2017 we will be hosting a full day Raspberry Pi Workshop at the Spring 2018 Conference. The Raspberry Pi event is a free-to-attend (lunches will not be provided) event that works as a way to be introduced to, or further your understanding of, low cost computing platforms.

This year we will be looking at using Raspberry Pi with a range of sensors. There will be a number of Raspberry Pis at the event though we encourage you to bring along your own Pi, or borrow one for the day and mix it up with some of the sensors and equipment that will be around.

Tom and Gavin are experienced makers and they will be on hand to help individuals and teams create, learn and discover the joy of home hardware hackery.