Membership Benefits

Book Discounts

FLOSS UK members are entitled to various discounts on books from different publishers. Principally, and most popularly, is a 40% discount on all O’Reilly books (includes forthcoming books).

The full set of discounts are

  • 40% on all O’Reilly titles
  • Discount on the Exim book
  • 25% off books from Pearson Education – includes Addison Wesley and Prentice Hall and
  • 30% off books from Wiley

The 40% O’Reilly discount is through online orders only, however FLOSS UK members can obtain a 37.5% discount when ordering through the office, and the office will accept a purchase order from members.

Online orders go via the US shopping cart – members can obtain the discount code from the Secretariat.

To obtain the 37.5% discount, contact the FLOSS UK Secretariat to place your order, giving ISBN, book title, FLOSS UK price, your postal address and phone number.

FLOSS UK members are also offered the chance to review books from these publishers. Reviews are printed in the FLOSS UK newsletter and are available online.

If you’re a publisher and wish to see your books reviewed by FLOSS UK, please contact the office at

Other Member Discounts

Discounts for FLOSS UK members

In addition to the significant book discounts, and other benefits available to our members, we have negotiated the following generous discounts.


Specialist Database consultancy 2ndQuadrant is pleased to offer 10% discount to UKUUG members on any/all scheduled PostgreSQL courses, which run regularly throughout the year.



Well-known Open Source training company GBDirect is pleased to offer the following discounts to UKUUG members:

* 10% off all scheduled courses, including Linux, Unix, PHP, Perl, Web standards, Web Accessibility, MySQL, Apache and many others.

* GBdirect also offers a wide range of on-site courses, Linux and Open Source support and consultancy services



Opengear, manufacturer of open-source remote management appliances, is pleased to offer members 10% discount across its full range of products including:

  • Console servers
  • Cellular routers
  • Industrial device servers

Please visit: for product details.