Summer 2019

Dear all,

It is with a heavy heart and great regret that I must inform you that we have decided to cancel this year’s event.

We have had a critically low response in regards to ticket sales and no matter what we have attempted to rectify this we have been unable to meet a minimum number of attendees. This is despite efforts from many volunteers and friends of the organisation.

I understand that you might feel cheated, abused or even used, but this is not our intent and we are deeply sorry for any inconvenience. The organisation has written to speakers, presenters, attendees and staff and will be refunding any out of pocket expenses that have been incurred. Please contact the council if you have any claim, we will need copies of any receipts to verify this.

Let me take this time to thank everyone who has worked to try and bring this event to Birmingham in 2019. I would like to apologise deeply for any trouble we may have caused, it is a great loss to us that we cannot have our conference this year.

I would ask that you please help support our event in the future by becoming a patron, sponsor or member. We will be re-thinking our strategy for informing people of future events. If you would like to be added to a list of people we contact then please let us know. Please feel free to contact us with any help for future events and please visit the videos on You Tube of our previous conferences.

Mark Keating
Chair to the Board

Last Year’s Conference (videos)