2019 Summer Conference: Call for Papers

Venue Details

FLOSSUK Council are accepting submissions for presentations (presentations can be 20 or 50 minutes in length) and workshops (half/full day) for our main annual conference. In recent years we have evolved into the UK’s primary support organisation for Free/Libre Open Source Systems (FLOSS) supporting Free and Open Technology.

The FLOSSUK annual Conference is the UK’s longest running event supporting systems and network administrators. But as FLOSSUK has evolved to support open networks, software, hardware, digital rights and data so our primary conference has become open to submissions on these areas.

If you would like to offer a forum or half-day workshop that might interest our target audience, please submit a proposal.

All submissions are judged using a ‘blind’ process. Please avoid any identifying information in the body of your proposal.

If you have a novel solution to a problem, experience of a particular application or hardware platform, tips and tricks for fellow open source delegates, or a favourite tool you could talk about, use of open data, please submit a paper for consideration by the programme committee.

Bursaries may be made available for accepted speakers who are unable to afford travel costs, subject to Council approval, with all bursaries being fixed in advance. All accepted speakers receive a complimentary conference place and a ticket for the conference dinner.

We are also seeking lightning talks for the event – please contact us if you have something you want to schedule in the programme – Lightning Talk speakers who make no other presentation are not eligible for free conference places or dinner.

  • Initial closing date for abstracts: 10th May 2019
  • Initial speakers notified by: 17th May 2019
  • Secondary round of papers 11th-24th May
  • Secondary round notified by 29th May
  • Workshops: Tuesday 16th July 2019
  • Conference: 17th & 18th July 2019

Submit a Proposal

You can also submit via Call.io at https://www.papercall.io/flossuk2019 which is our preferred route.

To submit a paper via email, please email council@flossuk.org