FLOSS UK receives requests for technical help from the public: corporate and individual. To be better able to deal with these and to do so in a fair manner it has been decided to create a consultants’ listing area on the FLOSS UK website where FLOSS UK members will be able to advertise their services to visitors.

The listing will be split into two parts: commercial and individual members.

  • Corporate members will be allowed two paragraphs (100 words).
  • Individual members will have their name and a URL and/or mail address.

There will be no initial verification by FLOSS UK that a consultant is qualified for the services claimed – but feedback will be accepted from clients. There will be no extra charge to FLOSS UK members for listing, but, as with other member services, verification of membership status will be required. All requests for listing should go to the Secretariat.

It is hoped that this will increase visits to the FLOSS UK web site and so raise FLOSS UK awareness as well as being of benefit to members who are consultants.