Barcamp Birmingham 2017

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What is a bar camp? A bar camp is a conference where what happens is organised by the delegates on the day. The event organisers have to arrange something, the main one being the venue, but the rest is down to the delegates. So all the hassle of talk submissions, review and scheduling is taken away.

Typically at the start of the day everyone gets up in turn and says who they are, what their interests are and what they’d like to do. Based on this people write proposals on PostIt notes and stick these on a board.

A moderator may read out the proposals in turn to guage interest, and if sufficient the proposal will be put on a scheduling board. Delegates may adjust this to avoid clashes etc.

Experience shows that this format results in high quality sessions focussed on what delegates want.

There is no charge to attend. Everyone should be able to afford to attend and as it is a one-day event you will not need to incur accommodation costs, though there are several hotels nearby for anyone who wishes to stay over.

Refreshments, tea, coffee & biscuits will be provided morning and afternoon, and Lunch will also be provided.

Why attend?

There are lots of reasons to attend the FLOSS UK Bar Camp 2017 including:

Keep abreast with new/emerging technologies

Network with some of the people who are responsible for developing critical applications

Become part of the UK Open Source community – build up informal relationships that can be invaluable in problem solving

Benefit from the experience of delegates with similar interests