Video Image Permission

At FLOSSUK we are committed to making sure that we use any image taken at our events in a responsible manner, and to guaranteeing your rights. You may have signed a permission form at one of our events. Below is a copy of the text from our permission form.

Video/Image Permission Document

I consent to FLOSSUK videoing my talk/presentation/display for the purposes of general information on the FLOSSUK YouTube channel and other FLOSSUK sites. I consent to having my image taken and used in the general promotion of FLOSSUK conferences and activities, usually (but not limited to) FLOSSUK websites, newsletters and promotional literature.

I understand that the names of other speakers, the event, year, my name and the name of the presentation may be shown. I also understand that the logos of the sponsors will be used to accompany the video.

I further understand that my appearance in a video that may appear in a playlist next to any other FLOSSUK video at this event, or next to any sponsors, does not confer any support, patronage, endorsement or advocacy of these.

I understand that I may withdraw my consent at any time and that the video will be removed from public accessibility and if I so wish it will be deleted. I understand deletion of printed and distributed material may prove impossible, or too costly.

FLOSSUK will provided an unedited raw version of any video upon request and a copy of any edited/final video on request.

I need only contact the current FLOSSUK Council to enact any consent, any of my rights or to request or remove copies of my presentation or image.

FLOSSUK will not sell, pass, or transfer any rights to the video or images to any third party and will immediately seek to uphold my wishes in the public display of any text or images that relates directly to me. FLOSSUK will only use material to further promote its activities and not transfer these to any other party. You may contact the at any time to request further information or to enact your rights.